Empowering Youth, Preparing Leaders, Impacting Central America for God's Purpose


IMC is governed by a dedicated team of North American Christians who are committed to empowering, preparing and impacting the Central American culture for God's purpose.

Along with Jim and Donna Beverly, IMC’s founders, meet our IMC USA Latino Leadership Team.

    Donna and Jim Beverly are the founders and visionaries of IMC International.
    Donna is a retired attorney, having spent much of her life working with missions and ministries
    in the Hispanic community. Jim is a retired engineer. The Beverlys have five sons and,
    along with their grandparent duties, remain involved in their local community with mentoring,
    discipling, and encouraging others.


    Suamy Corea, President and Director, IMC Honduras, Tegucigalpa, Honduras
    Rut Meneses Corea, Director of Education, IMC Honduras, Tegucigalpa, Honduras

    Suamy Corea grew up in Tegucigalpa, Honduras and, as a young teen, joined with IMC in various youth projects.
    Suamy was the recipient of an IMC scholarship which has enabled him to graduate with a Bachelors’ degree from
    Rio Grande Bible Institute in Edinburg, Texas, where he met his wife, Rut, a recent graduate of RGBI. Together, the
    Coreas will return to Honduras in January 2019 to serve as Directors of IMC Honduras. Both have vast
    experience in mission outreach in Central America, Mexico, as well as in Africa. Prior to attending RGBI,
    Rut, a native of Mexico, obtained her certification to teach in a university in her own country.

    Wendy Padilla, Representative, Iglesia Agua de Vida, Reynel Funez, Honduras
    Wendy Padilla and her sisters grew up in the Agua de Vida church and, as young girls,
    were always faithful and enthusiastic volunteers with IMC. Wendy was a recipient of an
    IMC scholarship and graduated in January 2018 from the university in Tegucigalpa with a degree and
    certification in Social Work. Wendy serves as co-pastor of Agua de Vida and is involved in social outreach
    projects in Honduras as she gives back to her own community.

     Bill Womack, Prayer Team Coordinator

     Diana Moll, Director, IMC Amigo Sponsors

     Kelin Ortega, Director, IMC Women’s Programs, Honduras

    Yensel Carcamo, Director, IMC Latino USA
    Libby Carcamo, Louisville, Kentucky

    Yensel was raised in the village of Reynel Funez, where IMC’s work began. As a young boy, he worked with
    IMC to plan youth retreats and activities and, even as a child, became a valuable participant and leader in IMC
    projects. He received an IMC scholarship to study in the university in Honduras and went on to graduate from Rio
    Grande Bible Institute in Edinburg, Texas. He married Libby Anderson, a college intern who met Yensel while
    serving IMC in Honduras, and Libby now joins Yensel in ministry with the Hispanic community in Louisville,
    Kentucky. Yensel serves as associate pastor in a Hispanic church in Louisville and he and his wife work together
    with young people while Yensel hopes to earn his Masters’ degree from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Just a few years ago, these college-educated Hondurans were just children, with eager smiles, running through village streets. They learned that they had choices. That they too could lead. They are the living, breathing examples of how God can and will change and use His young people, no matter what their economic background or their cultural disadvantage might be. Together, they now lead and direct IMC as it continues to move in the lives of children in Central America. Equipped with education and training, they are uniquely prepared to be the instruments of transformation within their own culture. To educate, build, and inspire champions for God's Kingdom.


Dr. Robert Barnes, Pastoral Advisor
Jim and Donna Beverly, Founder/CEO
Juan Carlos Elizarraras
Kerry Patton
Lisa Porter
Dr. Bill Shore and Janet Shore
Tomme Stevenson
Brenda Zimbardi