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Leading Mission Teams

Leading Mission Teams

May 22, 2017

Over the years, IMC sponsors and leads mission teams from the USA who work hands-on in Honduras. Mission teams build, repair, paint, and clean the mission facility, and have been instrumental, alongside the Hondurans themselves, in getting the Agua de Vida building erected from concrete foundation to the third floor sanctuary and all-purpose room. Mission teams have stocked the mission kitchen with supplies and utensils and have set up bunk rooms on site.

Mission teams have managed health clinics, dispensed vitamins and hygiene products, conducted eye exams and provided reading glasses for hundreds of villagers. Mission teams have planned feeding programs, discipleship training programs, women’s conferences, and Men’s Bible studies. Mission teams have overseen children’s programs and have designed teaching materials. Mission teams have supported evangelistic events, concerts, and street ministry efforts and have ministered in jails and the addiction facilities. Mission teams have sewn draperies, fixed bathrooms, built additions onto people’s homes, and planned vocational workshops for Agua de Vida.

IMC encourages anyone who has a special calling to join a mission team and contribute time and energy. For a Christian who is willing to reach out to children and youth, being a part of a mission team can be a life changing and heart impacting experience!