Empowering Youth, Preparing Leaders, Impacting Central America for God's Purpose

Giving Gifted Children Hope and a Future through Enriched Education

Did you know that your gift of $100 per month will supply materials and books to enrich the education for a gifted student in Honduras through our program called Escuela de Esperanza?

Through Escuela de Esperanza, we cooperate with local schools to enrich the learning experience for children and to enable children to become proficient in English by providing a daily 4 hour program in addition to the regular classroom schedule.

IMC offers this selective program for ten gifted children in Reynel Funez. It is an opportunity to spend four hours each school day, five days a week, in intensive study of English. IMC also monitors and enhances the local school’s curriculum by working with the classroom teachers and following through with the students on a one-to-one basis. In Honduras, the children attend school in a “split” session” schedule so they will attend Escuela de Esperanza during the half of the school day that they are not in their regular classroom. IMCś goal is to focus intensely on developing English proficiency and to stimulate and encourage the children who have the ability and motivation to advanc. The end goal is to prepare these children to excel academically, to become bilingual, and to have the foundation to be accepted to North American universities so that they can return to their culture to be successful leaders.

IMC´s instructors will use the local curriculum, but will supplement the Honduran curriculum with North American curriculum to ensure that the academic standards are met. The aim is to accept ten new students each year into this program. Only students who are motivated to excel in this program will remain in the program. Upon completion of their high school curriculum, IMC will assist the graduates with enrollment in universities and will continue to monitor their progress. Each student will be paired with a North American Christian who will remain connected with the student by email, text, Facebook, and telephone. The North American will serve as a spiritual mentor and encourager for the young person.