Empowering Youth, Preparing Leaders, Impacting Central America for God's Purpose

Opening Doors Through College Scholarships

Did you know that your gift of $1,000 per year will enable a young person to attend university in Honduras in order to prepare to be a successful leader in their community?

IMC’s scholarship program is perhaps the most far-reaching of its projects. As we became aware that the average education level in Honduras is third grade and few children are ever motivated or practically able to complete any schooling beyond 6th grade or so, we realized how impossible it was to even imagine that our young people would go on to a higher level of education and training that would enable them to find and keep good jobs in Honduras.

With the implementation of IMC’s BECA program (“Beca” means scholarship), we now have 12 approved students (and 12 additional students who are waiting for acceptance) who are enrolled in the Honduran university. They are studying to be teachers, nurses, computer technicians, engineers, and physical therapists. The scholarship enables the student to have transportation, school fees, uniforms, and meals as they pursue a college education. In addition to the college BECA, we are sponsoring two young men who are enrolled in Bible colleges in the USA training to become pastors to return to Honduras. Our funding comes from the generosity of North American Christians, and we depend on these donations to keep these deserving students on the track to a better future.