Empowering Youth, Preparing Leaders, Impacting Central America for God's Purpose


IMC seeks to permanently impact Central America through projects that sustain and connect people within their communities. With Bodega Builders, IMC sponsors a deserving family who will receive funds to build a family business, a storefront, or a bodega. By stocking and supplying the business initially and providing some ongoing mentoring, a man learns to support his family and to involve his family members through side-by-side commitment. Through adult education, adults in economically disadvantaged communities receive literacy assistance, English language instruction, and job skill development to prepare for finding employment, with the goal of becoming self-supporting. Through the Language Immersion School, Conversacion Con Jesus, IMC introduces North Americans to the Spanish language as well as enables visitors to learn more about how to meaningfully interact with the culture to share rather than control. We want to communicate simply what works and what doesn't.

To make the most signifcant impact, we must understand that give aways and short term drive-by mission trips are not always the answer. Appreciating and embracing the strengths of the Hispanic culture are an integral part of the Language Immersion program that is open to any potential mission team member who has a heart for Central America and wants to be used in the most effective way possible.

IMC begins with the smallest children in the village. Capturing the vision of hope and change multiplies as IMC connects children, young people, and adults to move forward to positions of service and leadership. Connecting with North Americans through sponsorships, mentor programs, social media introductions, and language enhancement programs enables this vision to be one of unity as we go hand in hand into the future for God´s purpose.


Each year, IMC invites volunteers to pack their bags and visit Honduras. Come prepared to roll up your sleeves and tutor a child, paint a wall, share your talent, teach a skill, or just bring your hugs…as you sleep in the village bunk room and share meals with the Honduran young people. We encourage long term connections as we introduce volunteers to kids who need someone to believe in them. Volunteers return home filled with good experiences and memories of reaching out in communities that reach back ten-fold, For more information about how to join a short term team of volunteers, contact Donna Beverly at contact@imcmission.org Your involvement is welcomed and needed!