Empowering Youth, Preparing Leaders, Impacting Central America for God's Purpose


At the core of IMC´s vision is to prepare and enable potential leaders who can transform their communities, motivate their own families, and serve successfully to make a significant difference in their economic environment as well as in the spiritual direction of their own culture. IMC uses Jeremiah 29:11 as its Biblical foundation, believing that God does not abandon and His plan is to give hope and a future. More importantly, this plan is not reserved for the privilieged few and is definitely not beyond the reach of impoverished areas of the globe. Through training programs, education, discipleship and vocational mentoring, IMC seeks to provide realistic and practical help so that Central America can be strengthened from within its borders, using its greatests natural resources...its young people. IMC believes strongly that positive change can and will come only through independence and confidence, inspired and encouraged. To that end, in addition to its college scholarship program, IMC selects young potential ministry leaders and sends them to Rio Grande Bible Institute in Edinburg, Texas in order to obtain a four-year college degree while engaging in mission projects, church training, and supervised clinics in preparation for returning to serve in their own country. While at RGBI, these Latino youth are able to study in a bilingual setting and to receive solid teaching from professors who have first-hand experience in the Hispanic culture.